Sunday, 8 February 2009

Room for Everyone

Within days of starting our pilgrimages we met people of all ages from many different countries. We also met: those who had prepared and those who hadn’t, people with huge rucksacks and those with almost nothing on their backs, people who were shy and those who were outgoing, pilgrims who believed in God and those who didn’t, people who were happy and people who were sad, people who had changed their lives and others who were happy with life the way it is. We met people who had lost partners and couples walking with their children. We met those who had experienced broken hearts and many who were falling in love with life.

We all walked the same road and when we got to Santiago Cathedral there was a place for each of us. Every one.


  1. Yes, it was a place to meet 'all-sorts'. Though most had a sense of sheer enjoyment at being in the outdoors, that somehow bonded us together.
    There was one point when I doubted that there really was a 'place for each of us' though: when I got shocked by the crowds between Sarria and Portomarin!!
    Glad to see I will be able to read your Camino wisdom on your very own blog.

  2. Hey Kiwi Nomad, thanks for visiting. I take it is ok with you to put a link to your own blog. We must all try and meet up some day :)


  3. Feel free..... but my 'wanderings' tend to be a bit 'random' here at home!