Thursday, 2 April 2009

Do wijits have a heart?

A strange title but the story is true:

After I started this blog I installed some wijits - to feed blog pieces to those who want them, to record the number of readers of my blog and so on.

It now appears that one of these "free" electronic gadgets wasn't entirely free and came with advertising malware. Some readers in different parts of the world alerted me to the problem.

I decided to systematically remove the wijits to find the source of the trouble. And so I removed the Ligit search wijit which usually lives on the side bar. The problem persisted.

Quite coincidentally I got an e mail from one of the Ligit team who apprently has been reading the blog - astonishing enough! But she noticed their wijit had gone, enquired why and offered to help find a solution.

An IT company with a heart that puts it users first? Apparently so!

This is good news in these times of economic turbulence where everyone finds it difficult to make money let alone good customer relations.

Thanks to Jacqueline Malan and the Ligit team for their concern and help.

The horrid pop ups have now the unlikely event they return please let me know.


  1. I hate to say it, but I have got that pop-up back again, that takes me to that Japanese shopping site, if I ignore Firefox and go there!!!!

  2. ah ha - thank you Doctor Watson. If anyone else experiences this I now know the cause.

  3. hmmmmmm and now it has disappeared again as silently as it arrived. I wonder what the new morn will bring.....

  4. Elementary my dear Watson - I now know who the culprit is. 'Twas the butler wot dunnit.

  5. My dear Holmes..... you have left me totally befuddled....but the pop-up ain't come back this fine autumnal morn!