Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Breezing through the valley

Mataelpino - Cercedilla - 12km

Today was relaxed. Only 3 hours or so walking and a stop for lunch after 7km in Navacerrada.

The route passed through lush valleys with cattle grazing. The sky was clear and the temperature hovered around 30 degrees. But there is change in the air and there was a balmy breeze all day. With plenty water we were very comfortable. This led the Big Man to invent a new verb: to breeze. He uses it the same as his other verb: to beer. So after a day of calling on the weather to "breeze me" he's now instructing me to "beer me".

The route was flat and very pretty today. This is all the more welcome as tomorrow we rise at dawn to cross the mountain with a rise of 650 metres in 8km then a further 23 into Segovia.

Today we also met a lone pilgrim who had also walked from Madrid. "Poco agua" was his only comment on the route so far referring to the lack of bars or fuentes. More ideas for the revision of the Guide.

Wish it was tomorrow :)

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  1. Hi Johnnie Don't wish your time away, it will be over before you know it.
    Nice that you are having a relaxing easy day before the climb.
    Buen Camino