Monday, 26 April 2010

Holy Smoke - the Movie

One of the things I've wanted to try is recording the Botafumeiro from the Tribune. This is a wide gallery which runs the around the entire Cathedral high above the ground. In the old days pilgrims slept there. Nowadays the Cathedral choir sings up there from a position above the West door. Access to the organ and also the organ console is via the Tribune.

In this film the senior Tiraboleiro (the eight men who operate the Botafumeiro) is wearing the ceremonial robes of the Pertiguero. In some English speaking churches this role is known as the Beadle or Verger. In Santiago Cathedral he walks with a silver staff or mace which he taps on the ground to herald the entrance of the Archbishop. Until recently he also wore a wig. I suspect he is relieved to have dispensed with this tradition. More on him anon!


  1. Just great!

    Thank youy!

  2. Thanks for the memories ... it has been four years since I attended celebration of Mass at the Cathedral in Santiago.
    - M.