Friday, 24 August 2012

This week in Santiago - how do the pilgrims get here?


Another busy week has just flown past. It has been very hot. Thundery weather. What the Spanish call "bochorno". The people of Galicia aren't used to temperatures in the 30's and not being able to sleep because of the heat. The staff of the office have been complaining of tiredness - and not just because of the heat. A steady 12 - 1400 pilgrims per day have been arriving this week and in the last 7 days 10,966 pilgrims have arrived. Last Friday Amigos Jim from Ireland and Roy from Bolton (on the Left) in England said goodbye to Betty and Dugald (on the right) and have been working hard every day  welcoming pilgrims and answering their questions.

Maybe because it has been so hot and we are now in the busiest time of the year the staff of the office have a number of competitions going... for example who has written the strangest name on a Compostela? We've also been listing the ways in which pilgrims get here. Of course the majority come on foot but others use wheelchairs, horses, bicycles and a great array of machines and gadgets. Here is what we have listed. Have you seen any others?  

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