Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cycling to Santiago de Compostela

Do you believe in Camino Coincidences? I'm never sure. But only the other day I was thinking that one day I might cycle through France from one of the traditional starting points and then walk when I get to Spain. As I had this thought I also realised I knew very little about cycling the Camino. When I next logged on to my e mail this note was waiting for me. I've never provided any information for cyclists so I thought I would share it with you:

"Dear John,
Let me introduce myself briefly.
I'm Sophie and a member of the editorial office at is free website for cyclists, actually a free community where you can

- subscribe to meet and ride with friends
- save your workouts and routes and share them with others
- download and use our free mobile app for iphone and android to track your routes and update your workouts

I send you this email concerning the topic 'Santiago de Compostela'.
Our founder, Bernard Van den Abeele, has made the trip from Ghent (Belgium) to Santiago de Compostela in 2010.
He took this very serious and has documented everything during his 3 weeks of cycling to Santiago: he took pictures, wrote in his diary every day and documented all the routes of his 22 days long journey.
Recently, he has taken his time to add his experiences to his blog (in Dutch).

In his blog, he takes about the excitement, nature, people he met, the fun he had and more.
As every big trip, preparation was very important. He found a lot of inspiration in those, sometimes shocking, real-life stories & trips.!

In an attempt to engage people and to inspire them to take on the challenge for such a trip to Santiago, we added several things to our website:
Can we offer you these routes of the whole journey from Ghent to Compostela?
What we like to achieve with this:
  • Inspire people to make this amazing journey to Santiago de Compostela
  • Inspire people to take on the challenge and give them a reason to do this
  • Motivate people to excercise more
I'm personally convinced that the routes from day 1 till day 22 would be a great help to motivate people to make the trip to Santiago themselves.
That extra push they need.

If I can assist you with any further information, pls contact me at any moment.

Looking very forward to your reply,

With the kindest regards,

Ride the world & join us at

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