Thursday, 6 March 2014

In praise of lentejas

Spanish lentil soup is thick, meaty and restorative. It has the power to revive the coldest pilgrim. Within a few spoonfuls tired pilgrim feet throb as its energy reaches the extremities. Lentejas are served everywhere in Spain especially in winter. On the Via de la Plata they were served piping hot with huge chucks of  crusty bread.

For pilgrims who want to try this miraculous cure at home here is an authentic Galician recipe for the best lentils you will ever taste: 


100 grams minced meat
Pancetta  diced- I usually trim off the fat from a good slice
Chorizo a mixture of sliced and diced- about half of the curved one
Potatoes - amount to taste cut into small cubes - use a potato that doesn't dissolve
2 Carrots - diced finely
1/2 tin of tomatoes or half jar tomato sauce
Lentils - green - about half the pack
A pinch of sugar
Seasoning - salt and black pepper
3 or 4 cloves of garlic crushed and chopped finely
one or two onions
Half of a red pepper or whole small red pepper finely chopped


Brown the minced meat and set aside
Then gently fry the pancetta, onion, garlic, carrot and red pepper for about 10 mins until they are soft and onions are clear but not coloured

Add the minced beef and mix in the pot
Add the Lentils and mix on the gentle heat for 2 - 3 mins
Add the tomato sauce
Season and add pinch sugar for the tomatoes
Add "enough" water
Simmer for 20 mins
Add the diced potatoes and chorizo and simmer until they are cooked

Que aproveche!

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  1. My favourite (or one of them!). On the menu