Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Consuma - Stia 17 kms

I'm tired. My feet have gone from being numb to throbbing. I'm fine when I don't move but when I do everything hurts. 

We all know that feeling at the end of the day.  Oh I can hear you saying but it was only 17 kms.  Well...

The day started very well. I'd slept soundly and in the apartment Irina lets out the heating came on at 7am.  The weather was bright and clear. Irina picked us up and took us back to the Pastelería for breakfast.  After paying the very reasonable bill we set off. Within minutes were out of town and although at times the path was tough going the sun broke through the clouds and everything changed.  We had a glorious day walking. More vistas were revealed.  We lunched on sandwiches Irina had given us and we made our way up hill, down dale and across several streams on our way to Stia.  This was perfect walking weather and a lovely stage today.

Some elevations were nippy and some of the downhill stretches were really quite tough hence my aches and pains.  But today was so lovely I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

More soon!

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