Monday, 26 September 2011

Camino Levante - pictures that paint thousands of words

There are too many to post them all. Every time I look at the 1000 or so photographs I took during the 50 days walking from Valencia different ones appear to say most. Here I have tried to capture some aspects of the route, some of the fun and fellowship and one or two of the people (and animals) I met along the way. This is the last of my postings on this route for the time being...enjoy!
Yet another ruined castle I imagined myself living in

Who needs a guidebook when all you have to do is keep the aptly named "The Finger" in sight

Storks on every church bell tower and every telegraph pole - some amount of babies!

The name of the street in which I am going to live in my castle

And one evening during dinner the entire band marched in playing 

One of two dogs who "adopted" us

An unforgettable dinner served through the bars in an enclosed convent

Working hard in the blistering heat

"How many sheep do I have? Only enough to keep me."

Hmmm - he didn't know this was being taken and doesn't yet know it is on the world wide web!
"I ask for nothing more than the sky above me and the camino beneath my feet"

Amen to that!


  1. JW, you may have a thousand pics, and great difficulty choosing, but I think you got it with this post! Great job! I'll be laughing for days!

  2. I may not say much on-line but I am now a regular fan.
    Thanks for sharing.